Child Themes with wp_enqueue_style()

Using Child Themes in WordPress is a great way to modify an existing theme, however, the CSS @import directive is slower than it has to be, so you should try and avoid it. Here’s why. If it takes 200ms to load the child theme’s stylesheet, and 200ms to load the parent-theme’s CSS, a modern web [...]

All-in-One WordPress migration

With the All-in-One WP Migration plugin from developers So Ilieva, Borislav Angelov and Pim Jitsawang it is possible to export the WordPress database, media files, plugins and themes. One can indefinitely in the database use Find and Replace operations in the database to perform, for example, when moving relative paths. The plugin comes with 32MB [...]

How to do Search and Replace in WordPress with a Plugin

Are you looking to do search and replace in WordPress? Recently, one of my friends asked us how to run search and replace on WordPress database without writing any SQL code or using phpMyAdmin. Many beginners are not comfortable with code, so that’s why we found a search and replace plugin for WordPress. In this article, [...]

WordPress 4.3 “Billie”: More reason’s to adore

  Another significant form of WordPress was released on Wednesday. WordPress 4.3, "Billie", brings some cool new components into WordPress that you're truly going to adore. Since adaptation 1.0 of WordPress came out in 2004, and named after Miles Davis, each significant variant since has been named after a well known jazz artist. 4.3 is no exemption, [...]

Top 10 Benefits Of Using WordPress For your Website

WordPress is an open source content administration framework which can be downloaded from the web free of expense. It likewise furnishes you with a stands out among the most imaginative and contemporary distributed stage which concentrates on all web standards and ease of use. WordPress is a well known decision for site improvement. This article [...]

Important WordPress Plugin’s for your website

WordPress Plug-ins can impart additional functionalities to your WordPress site. Let’s understand what these plug-ins are and which are some of the most important plug-ins you can use for your website! What is a WordPress Plug-in? A plug-in is a portion of software added to enhance a current piece of software – and that’s what [...]