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Call a navigation menu using a shortcode

Today I came across a weird situation: I needed to place a navigation menu in the content of a page. A shortcode was the obvious solution, but there doesn’t appear to be one built in for menus. I created this one very quickly:

function print_menu_shortcode($atts, $content = null) {
extract(shortcode_atts(array( 'name' => null, ), $atts));
return wp_nav_menu( array( 'menu' => $name, 'echo' => false ) );
add_shortcode('menu', 'print_menu_shortcode');

Place this in functions.php, then use [menu name="main-menu"] to call the menu in your content (replacing "main-menu" with your menu’s slug, of course).

You could adapt this to accept any of the other arguments available for wp_nav_menu(), but this served my purposes.

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