Hello, I am Swapnil Patil.

Hello, I am Swapnil Patil.

I make people smile

Not by being funny, but by building things. For example applications, interfaces, teams and data-driven yet human strategies — are some of the things I love to create.

I work as a software developer during the day and love translating WordPress after that. I do my bit to make sure knowledge reaches each person, in at least the languages I know.

I started my WordPress journey right out of the college; Since then, I have enjoyed each moment of working around it. I get immense happiness in giving back to the community and you can see me contributing in some or the other way, by co-organizing WordCamp, publishing plugins on WordPress.org, being a GTE of Marathi WordPress project, or contributing to the core WordPress project.

Apart from that, I love to read, meet new people and trying most wired things at

You can also connect with me on Facebook and/or Twitter. I ♥️ to volunteer at the WordPress Polyglots project and can be found hanging out at WordPress meetups in Pune.