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Swapnil Patil

I'm Swapnil. Nice to meet you 👋 I am a Community Manager for a fantastic #OpenSource project Devtron. I am passionate about sharing experiences on building architectures with best practices and helping strengthen the makers of tomorrow. I am keen on having discussions around DevOps, GitOps, web accessibility, User Experience & Open Source 🤘.

The semicolon;

Replace the semicolon (;) with greek question mark (;) in your friends JavaScript and watch them pull their hair out over the syntax error. 😂

Getting started with GST & WooCommerce

Utilization of the WordPress+WooCommerce combo is at huge and loads of marketers use this aggregate for e-trade across the globe. With GST in India — at the time of writing this article, there’s no documented solution for GST implementation in WooCommerce.
Here is an attempt for one.

Did you know you can translate without even leaving the page?

Yes, I wish I knew about this long long time ago, this is just fantastic! You can help translate into your native language without leaving the page! Using the community translator built in Once the translator is enabled, right-click on a highlighted string to submit a new translation: A red highlight means that a string does… Read More »Did you know you can translate without even leaving the page?

This is intresting…

We love podcasts: they’re like the blogging version of radio, a medium anyone can jump into and use to share their story. They introduce us to new voices and give us glimpses into new perspectives… and they pair perfectly with blogs and websites, where they can add more texture and interest to what you’re already […]… Read More »This is intresting…