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Have you built something interesting with WordPress?

It is very easy to create a WordPress website. Considering that WordPress is no longer just blogging tool, it has grown into a very powerful Content Management System. You can use WordPress to build a different type of websites very easily.

Thousands of free and premium plugins are available to turn WordPress from simple blog to powerful professional website. And this is what makes the WordPress eco-system way more interesting. You think of it, and there is a way to build it with WordPress.

What have you built with WordPress?

We would like to learn more if you have built an interesting website or an app with WordPress, or a plugin/ theme or might be even a SAAS platform. We would like to know more about your journey.

Come talk to us!  The Pune Knowledge Exchange group is organising a Meetup to showcase your awesome website, blog, product to other WordPressers in Pune. We are having a Meetup discussing interesting products built on the top of WordPress.
More about it here

Why should you be there?

We understand that building a product is not as easy as it is said. But we also understand that just building great products does not make it popular. It’s the community that adopts it.

Talking about your WordPress product at the Meetup gives you a window into your users perspective. You can get first-hand reviews of your product. Suggestions regarding improving it. And who knows you might gain some customers too.

What are we interested in listening?

Actually everything about your journey building it. I personally would be more eager to listen to how you built it. Why have you built it? What problems does your product solve? Did you face any difficulties when doing it? How did you overcome them? Do you have suggestions for other fellow developers/users or someone who is looking forward to building something similar?

See you there!

WordPress Lightning Showoff

1/13, 2:00 PM: Have a great website or product around WordPress that you’d like to show off?In 10 minutes, showcase your awesome website, blog, product to other WordPressers in Pune.5 more minutes to


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